Milestones of product development

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Product development

Going against the grain of total outsourcing, we produce all core products for our turbines and power station components ourselves. We regard this as the basis of our product quality, flexibility, ability to meet deadlines and finally, customer satisfaction. We can identify every stage of planning, construction and production and our customers value being able to see where their products are made.

Please click on each of the milestones of the product development, for detailed information about each of the working steps.

Consulting, picture 1 Consulting, picture 2

The foundation for the success and smooth running of a project are already laid in the planning phase. This is where our experienced engineers are available. These monitor the project until handover.

3-D CAD supported construction
3D Bild 1 3D Bild 2 3D Bild 3 3D Bild 4 3D Bild 5 3D Bild 6

Our designs are exclusively prepared in 3-dimensional drawings. Besides the advantage of plastic representation, this offers an opportunity to optimise quality via finite elements, transfer to production drawings and the creation of data for CNC processing machines.

Fertigung Bild 1 Fertigung Bild 2

We still produce at our location in Sankt Pölten - Sankt Georgen. We therefore have a direct relationship between customer, design and production, thus increasing our flexibility and controlling our own quality.

Works assembly
Werksmontage Bild 1 Werksmontage Bild 2

Besides production, installation is one of our core procedures and is responsible for quality to a considerable extent. Every turbine is assembled wherever possible and only disassembled in part or in whole for transport purposes to minimise subsequent assembly on-site.

Transport, erection and commissioning
Montage Bild 1 Montage Bild 2 Montage Bild 3 Montage Bild 5 Montage Bild 6

We have a pool of trained and qualified supervisors at our disposal. These make a considerable contribution to the seamless and punctual completion of a project.