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All over the world there are run-of-river power stations with low heads whose high energetic potential could so far not be utilized. The  StreamDiver™ ideally combines the demands on economy and ecology needed by these plants.The innovative technical concept of the StreamDiver™ ensures minimum maintenance and operating costs. As it can be directly installed into a weir system, its installation can even render conventional power station structures unnecessary. Construction technology and peripheral equipment can thus be reduced to an absolute minimum.

The StreamDiver™ is a compact turbine with an output of up to 800 kW per unit, which can be used for modular extensions as a minimum-flow turbine or as an alternative to existing small hydro plants. Apart from economical aspects, the development of the StreamDiver™ focusses strongly on ecological considerations. The bearings of this new development are water-lubricated. As a result, the compact turbine can be operated without any oil or grease.

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